Infomogul was born out of a quest to learn everything there is to know about Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, and Social Media in order to master the cutting-edge field of Internet Marketing.

I am now a whale leading a fleet of whales and dolphins. You are a ship, so tie on and let us pull!  I’ll find birds to ride atop my fleet and sing your song.

Mixx. Mixx. Digg. Digg. Tweet. Tweet. Flock, Flock.

What does InfoMogul do?

Infomogul performs the following steps for SEO, Blogging, Social Media, and Internet Marketing:

1) Keyword analysis

2) Domain acquisition and blog construction

3) Custom domain blogging

Using SEO-optimized WordPress.org software on custom, .com domains we create original articles to target specific keywords.

4) Subdomain blogging

Using blogging hubs such as Blogger and Tumblr we post replies linking back to the original blog post.

5) Social media tweeting

We tweet both the replies and original articles on 50+ social networks. This amount of web activity increases your natural (free) Google rankings and triggers additional retweets and link carrying. In other words, this may domino viral marketing or “internet word of mouth” results as well.

6) Hub creation

Creating hubs dedicated to your keywords on social media sites you will enhance your ability to track your clients’ opinions, garner their feedback, and spread the word about your product or service.

7) Advertising analytics

By creating numerous landing pages we offer you the ability to segment ad views by source allowing you to analyze the effectiveness of any ad in your arsenal including TV, radio, print, telemarketing, etc.

8) Direct web marketing

Via messages sent through email and social media profiles, we introduce your firm and the flagship blog we will create for you to other bloggers in your networks of interest, and through sharing our superior message we will gain referral links from influential bloggers bringing steady streams of traffic to your site.

9) Direct traffic advertising consulting and execution

We advise on specific investments in parked keyword domains as well as strategic guerrilla link placement within complementary high-traffic blog posts ensuring exposure to the most relevant traffic.

10) Web 2.0 Employee Upgrades

The face of the modern workplace is changing.  Traditional email by its private nature fails to keep your entire company informed and results in time waste such as duplicate queries from different parts of your company.  Our cutting-edge seminars covering web 2.0 tools increase knowledge sharing, improve reporting, and multiply productivity.  “Upgrading” your employees to evolved web workers will transform your organization into a modern brain.

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